Transforming Hospital Admission Into a Nursing Care Occasion

Palabras clave

nursing methodology research
patient admission
humanization of assistance
process assessment in health care
nursing care
nursing theory
evidence-based nursing investigación metodológica en enfermería
admisión del paciente
humanización de la atención
atención de enfermería
teoría de enfermería
enfermería basada en la evidencia
evaluación de proceso (atención en salud)
process assessment (health care)

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Pérez-Giraldo, B., Guevara-Lozano, M., Sánchez-Herrera, B., & Arroyo-Marlés, L.-P. (2019). Transforming Hospital Admission Into a Nursing Care Occasion. Revista Colombiana De Enfermería, 18(3), e013.


Objective: This research seeks to describe the process of transforming hospital admissions into a moment of nursing care that improves the adaptation of patients and their caregivers. Methodology: This is a Nursing Methodology Research that was conducted between 2017 and 2018. The study included six phases: diagnosis of the experience of patients and their family caregivers during admission to hospitalization; review of the best hospital admission practices worldwide; definition of both, a nursing protocol to guide hospital admission based on the best available evidence, and guidelines to establish a caring relationship between the nurse, the patient, and the family caregiver; design and adjustment of instruments and strategies to support the implementation of the protocol; adjustment of the proposed protocol and supporting tools through expert review; and a pilot test in use for 9 months. Results: The transformation of the hospital admission requires nurses to search for evidence and humanization strategies, embodied in a practical guide that supports the admission process. There is a direct connection between the adherence of nurses to the guidelines and a better perception from patients and caregivers of the received service. This implies the admission process may become a caring opportunity. Conclusions: The transformation of hospital admission process into a moment of nursing care for patients and family caregivers improves the experience of the people involved and their perception of the institutional service quality.


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